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All competition entries should be sent to:

Download the “Sing, Win, Release Competition 1” track clicking the following link: Sing, Win, Release Competition 1

Maxx Rhythm is giving you the chance to feature on an upcoming song that will be release all around the world, through streaming and download platforms. The winner of this competition will receive 50% royalties of all streams and sales automatically and will also get $50 for winning this competition.
The instructions are as follows:
Like this video, share it out, and subscribe to this channel
Goto and download my instrumental music track that is under the “Singing Competitions” section.
Listen to the music, the bpm is: 130 and the key is in: G minor.
Write your song that fits the structure of the music, get your best microphone and sing your heart out.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to use effects on your voice like reverb, echo and the likes for demo purposes, you MUST also have the raw sound signal (your voice without any effects) to send me if you win, this is because i will use pro level effects when processing the final master of the track.
If you send me your demo song and do NOT have the raw sound signal after you have sent me your demo, your entry will be voided.
Entry to this competition will close on the 1st December 2023 and the track will be set to release on the 1st January 2024.
You MUST be the originator of your lyrics, no copyrighted songs will be accepted and please do NOT use a vocoder on your voice, if you can not sign in key please do not enter.

All copyrights of this instrumental is retained by Mark Wilkins (Maxx Rhythm)
and all copyrights to the released music is held by Mark Wilkins (Maxx Rhythm)

The $50 winnings will be sent by Paypal only, on the day of release.

Best of luck, now go do your best and get your voice heard around the world.

P.S you must be able to promote this song if you win, the more it’s heard, the more royalies you make.

All music within these competitions are copyrighted to Mark Wilkins (Maxx Rhythm) and i always retain the right to release the music through record labels of my choosing. No unauthorized copying, remixing or releasing of my music through any means is permitted. If you wish to contact me for releasing my music you can do so by emailing here:

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